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Everything you need to succeed is already inside you. The amazing coaches and community at Killer B Fitness will bring out the best in you. We motivate you to reach your goals and our proven methods show you real results in your 1st month.

Who We Are

Killer B Fitness Center In Santa Barbara & Goleta is a small group class training studio that tailors to your individual needs. Our goal is to understand our members and provide the inspiration they need to reach their goals. Killer B Fitness Center Santa Barbara & Goleta was designed by a chiropractor to focus on injury prevention and measurable results. At Killer B we’ve blended cardio and strength in an engaging, unique and exciting one hour workout. What sets us apart is our amazing community support. We will motivate you through personal guidance, accountability and goal setting. Our program produces results every time. If you want to lose weight, improve your fitness or become a better athlete our program is right for you.

All classes will incorporate both strength and endurance. Each class provides a unique and slightly different experience. We incorporate numerous strength training tools and utilize top of the line fitness equipment including indoor Bikes, Vasa Swim Trainers, Indoor Rowing Machines, Versa Climbers and Elliptical Trainers that provides the perfect 60 minute workout.

What sets us apart

Effective – The most efficient and productive 1 hour full body workout you will find anywhere

Fun – Unique and engaging workouts with a positive and supportive community

Motivating – High energy and exciting workouts every day led by our expert coaches in Santa Barbara

Results Based – Start at your pace and see actual improvement in your very first month, Guaranteed! No more hoping or guessing

Safe – Designed by a chiropractor with the goal of keeping you injury free

Nutrition – Programs available through our ongoing 30 Day Weight Loss Challenges

Improvements In Fitness

*Results may vary

Hear what our members are saying

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    I’m 60 years old and in the best physical condition of my life! When I joined Killer B Fitness in 2009 my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were elevated and I wasn’t very happy. Thanks to the monthly challenges and Eat Clean Weight Loss Challenge I feel like a whole new person!

    – Cathy Hirt

    *Results May Vary

  • User

    I have been measuring my progress. My resting heart rate and cholesterol dropped. There is more energy for my family, my business, and myself. I get more done every day than before and I feel great. For those that are considering the cost…for a professionally designed workout, on well­ maintained equipment, under the supervision of knowledgeable staff; joining is a great value. When you also factor in the health benefits and the quality of life improvements…you can’t afford to not do it.

    – Ben Schroeder

    *Results May Vary

  • User

    Incredible FULL body workout for every BODY every LEVEL every AGE all offered at an AFFORABLE rate in a FUN, COMPETITIVE and SUPPORTIVE environment. If you want results….you get them here.

    – Dani Stone

    *Results May Vary

  • User

    Killer b has the best one hour structured workout in town! I’ve been to a lot of gyms and this one knocks it out of the park. Killer B has new/different workouts every time. Try it, you’re going to like the way you look afterwards, I guarantee it!

    – Devin Dierenfield

    *Results May Vary

  • User

    Killer B is wonderful! The trainers are very focused on helping you get the best workout for your fitness level. It’s like having a personal trainer, but for a group class price. It’s also a very effective way to get a great workout in only 1 hour ­ great for busy working parents.

    – Marie O’Regan

    *Results May Vary

  • User

    I feel like I want to shout from the rooftops in Santa Barbara and Goleta how much I love the training I have received at Killer B Fitness. As a lifelong athlete, I have been completely challenged by the classes…motivated by the top­notch trainers…and inspired by my fellow­KB friends to do the best I can do every time I am in the gym.

    – Lara Mack

    *Results May Vary

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