What is the Baseline?

If you have been to a few classes at Killer B Fitness, you have probably heard something about “The Baseline” – especially when checking out our zone charts and starting to understand our workouts. It’s actually fairly simple – the baseline is an opportunity for you to measure your current fitness level. It is NOT something you can pass or fail – it’s the best way for you to see the results you work so hard for in every class!
It consists of 4:00 efforts on each of our cardiovascular machines: Swim, Row, Elliptical, Bike and Climb. You will receive a fitness level for each machine, and from those, an overall fitness level. Whatever your baseline is, we have the unique ability to provide goals tailored specifically to your fitness level. This system is designed to keep you motivated and working at the correct effort levels in every class.
Think about it this way – when someone begins a new course at school, they are not expected to be an expert on the subject the first time they step through the door. However, when they take quizzes along the way, they’ll look back after 3 months of class and see a tangible progression of knowledge growth – sometimes without even realizing it! The measurable improvement will direct them to study effectively for continued success. The baseline will do the same thing for your fitness that quizzes do for classwork – it will help you tremendously! Improvement happens quickly (especially at the beginning), which is why we recommend that new members complete the baseline once a month for their first 3 months. The baseline is scheduled every two weeks during normally directed classes. It is always optional, and the regular class will be held concurrently for those not participating in a baseline. Check the website to see when the next baseline is scheduled!
If you want to be successful (and who doesn’t?) and stick to your goals, you have to know your starting line. The best goals are measurable and achievable, and that’s why knowing your baseline is so paramount to your progression. We want you to be successful, and from our experience, we know that this is the way to do it! We promise, you will be absolutely blown away by your improvement. Next step? Commit to at least 3 classes a week, do the baseline once a month, and get ready for some remarkable changes. See you at the baseline soon!

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