Eat Clean Challenge

A 4-Week program designed with a full meal plan, exciting challenges, accountability, the support of the wonderful Killer B community, knowledgeable trainers, and RESULTS! 

Jan 14th - Feb 10th, 2019


Health Benefits

  • Let’s clean up our diets, get fit and feel great!

  • Meal Plan with easy to follow, healthy and delicious recipes

  • Weekly Cardio & Strength Challenges


Membership benefits

  • Unlimited Classes

  • Social Events

    • Hikes, Bootcamp Classes

  • Accountability


Additional Information

  • Date: Jan 14th - Feb 10th, 2018

  • Optional Heart Rate Tracking through Myzone - additional costs apply

  • All of the activities in the challenge are optional. You can participate in all of them or none of them. We want to provide you with the platform and motivation you need to succeed.