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RodrigoA famous Roman poet said “Mens sana in corpore sano.” In English this means “A healthy mind, in a healthy body.”  Since the beginning of civilization, harmony between the body and mind has been a central theme for many philosophers, painters, and warriors. In modern times this saying expresses the idea that physical exercise is an essential part of both physical and mental well-being. In today’s world where obesity is a growing epidemic with many negative effects, this saying is very timely and offers an increasingly important message. The positive effects of exercise are well documented and include not only physical but mental and social. In addition to the most obvious physical benefit of exercise, which is the potential for losing weight, other positive physical effects include increased muscular strength, endurance, and bone density. Additionally, people who exercise regularly typically experience improved flexibility, balance, cardiac strength and my favorite benefit, improved sleep. To illustrate with my own experience, I lost 20 pounds after only 3 months of dedicated exercise. According to a fitness test that I took the first day at my gym (Killer B), my fitness level has improved more than 60% since I started. And lastly, my wife says I snore less which means that both she and I sleep.

In contrast to feeling overwhelmed by depression, anxiety, or stress, most people who exercise experience many positive mental effects, including improved mood and a greater sense of relaxation. Furthermore, most people who exercise experience increased mental alertness, better memory, and better concentration. Over the long term, exercise has been shown to prevent cognitive decline. For example, my own levels of anxiety are much lower and I feel significantly more relaxed. I feel more alert at work because my mind is not distracted by negative thoughts.

Perhaps most surprising, are the social benefits to exercising. Exercising itself can be fun and be an opportunity to socialize. For instance, at Killer B the trainers tell motivational stories to keep people positive and laughing while they are working hard.  Sometimes we do partner challenges which encourages you to meet new people and cheer on your new acquaintance. As people exercise more their physical appearance starts to change. They being to feel better about themselves. As a result of this increased self-esteem and confidence they are more motivated to interact and have fun with others. For instance, when I started at the gym, my performance was low. I was primarily focused on improving myself and when that happened, I felt better about myself. Once I was more confident I interacted more with others at the gym and subsequently I met many new and interesting people. With time, some of these people have become good friends. When new people become members at Killer B, they get to hear about other’s stories of improvement, and it is enjoyable to know that everyone can inspire each other.

Time spent at Killer B is an amazing therapy driven by the enthusiasm of the trainers and the other people in my classes. As discussed, there are numerous positive effects to exercise including physical, mental, and social benefits. Eight months ago, my doctor told me that I had to improve my health, and he recommended starting some kind of exercise. I started to regularly attend classes at Killer B and my whole body and mind were soon feeling much better. The experience has reminded me of the camaraderie and sportsmanship I enjoyed in my youth while playing rugby competitively. In the last six months I have personally experienced the many positive effects of exercise and it has the potential to be beneficial to so many others as well. It is a great medicine for the body and mind.

Thank you Killer B.  

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