Oh no, not my back again

Do you suffer from frequent low back pain? Are you frustrated to the point of taking medications every day just to manage the pain? If so, you are among friends — a significant percentage of the population experiences the same issue.

At Killer B Fitness, we frequently encounter individuals who start the program suffering from chronic low back pain. A major contributing factor to back pain can be simply that a person is overweight. If your body has to support a lot of weight primarily concentrated on your stomach, then your back will take the brunt of the abuse. The back muscles are being constantly overworked, and eventually more serious problems can develop, including (but not limited to) disc and ligament injuries.

Another considerable factor is a lack of adequate core strength. The core is comprised of the midsection and all the muscles that attach to the hips.  These muscles are the foundation for support, and it is very difficult to avoid low back pain without training them properly. At Killer B Fitness, we train the core from several angles, utilizing several different methods, but one that is paramount to the development of core strength is cardiovascular exercise. Holding correct posture during interval cardio training is one of the best ways to train your heart, lungs, and core all at once.

In addition to strength and cardio training, flexibility plays a crucial role in relieving and avoiding back pain. In particular, tight hamstrings can be a principal source of low back pain. The hamstrings are the muscles on the back of your upper legs; they stretch from the base of your pelvis (what you might call your “sit bones”) to attach at the back of your knees. Tight hamstrings can be prohibitive in attempting to achieve or maintain good posture while sitting or squatting, because the hips are unable to rock forward and keep the back flat and the low back muscles engaged. Therefore, the low back rounds or slouches and the low back muscles can’t contract, which can place a tremendous amount of stress on the back muscles and discs. To stretch the hamstrings, you can lie on your back and raise one leg up in the air, keeping it slightly bent. The other leg should be straight and lying on the ground. Use a towel to pull the leg that is up in the air towards you while keeping the hips on the ground. Breathe deeply and slowly. Don’t be discouraged if this is uncomfortable at first — it takes a little time for your muscles to loosen up.  I’d recommend holding stretches for at least 20 seconds.

When low back pain occurs frequently, it is usually referred to as “instability,” which could mean the ligaments are now lax and do not hold the joints together as well or as tightly. However, through proper training methods, an unstable back can become a strong and supportive back in no time. We’ve had many people who start the Killer B Fitness program with moderate to severe low back pain who are pain free after only a month. Nobody should have to live with horrible back pain. Do something about it! We are here to help.


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