Any Killer B Fitness participant currently holding a recurring monthly membership of any type may only be cancelled according to the following policy guidelines:

  • Any member wishing to cancel their current Killer B Fitness monthly membership must submit their request in writing to AT LEAST ten (10) days prior to their scheduled billing date. Requests submitted fewer than ten (10) days prior to the next billing date will not be processed prior to the next automatic payment, and payments processed within the ten (10) day period are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • If the member is unaware of their current billing date, it is the member’s sole responsibility to inquire as to their billing date within an appropriate time frame to submit their request for cancellation ten (10) days prior to the billing date.

  • Requests that are not submitted in writing (mentioned to a trainer/staff member, voice messages, etc.) will not be processed.

*Policy is subject to change.