Understanding Zones

Killer B Fitness uses a scientifically proven system that is designed to improve your fitness – no matter where you start! We give you specific paces to achieve every workout that are tailored to your ability level. The paces are what we call the “Zones.”
For example, if you were driving a car and I said “drive fast,” what does that mean? It could 70 miles per hour or 90 miles per hour! It doesn’t mean much without a specific speed. If I told you to drive at 70 miles per hour, then you know exactly what speed to go. Slow, medium, and fast can mean something different for everyone and are measurable by any quantifiable standard, but zones allow us to give you the precise pace at which you should be working in order to get the best workout and the best results.

Here is the breakdown of the Killer B Fitness “Zone” System:

There are 10 fitness levels: 1 is the highest fitness level. Your fitness level is determined by the Baseline. For each fitness level, we have 4 different specific zone paces. If you were to describe the zones in terms of effort, they would be: Z2 – moderate, Z3 – hard, Z4 – very hard, and Z5 – sprint. Again, these terms mean very little without specific speeds. Every workout should challenge everyone in a very similar way. In order to do this, we need to know your current fitness level and provide specific goals based on that level. Next time you’re in class, you might be moving at a different speed than the person next to you, but both of you will be putting out the same effort relative to your fitness level. This allows us to have every fitness level in the same class and still keep everyone engaged and focused the entire time.
We believe using zones during exercise is the most effective and efficient way to meet your fitness goals. Think about it this way: using zones during exercise is similar to using an oven temperature gauge when you are baking. If you want your chocolate chip cookies to taste the way they are supposed to taste, then you have to follow a good recipe and bake them at the right temperature for the right amount of time. If you just guess on the ratio of ingredients, temperature, and time, more often than not, you will be disappointed!
Exercising is similar in that different effort levels (like temperatures) produce different results. These range from increased cardiovascular efficiency at lower efforts to muscular strength and power development at higher intensity efforts. Therefore, each zone has a specific purpose. It’s not about going as hard as you can all the time! When you measure your effort during exercise, you can be sure to hit a variety of intensity levels and round out your overall fitness. The only way to ensure you are working at the correct effort level is to be able to measure that effort with numbers — the four zones allow us to do this for all levels. We have not only developed the system of using the four zones, but we have also designed the workouts (like the recipes for cookies) that utilize all the zones at the optimal time to produce the best overall results for your health. Don’t guess at your workouts – at Killer B Fitness, you know you’re doing the best for your health and fitness!

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